Types Of Hypoallergenic Cats



Low allergen cats or better known as hypoallergenic cats are producing fewer amount of allergens in comparison to regular cats. And bear in mind that “fewer” is the word used here. Hypoallergenic isn’t synonymous in non allergenic and there is no breed of cat that is totally free of allergy.


Actually, the type of allergen present in the cat’s saliva is called protein Fel D1, which causes the issues of allergy to the sufferers. As soon as the cat licks its coat, the allergy laden spit dries and will then be airborne, which seeks warm home in the sinus. Some of the cat breeds on the other hand are producing less amount of proteins compared to others, which makes them hypoallergenic. There are more dog puzzle toys from our main site.


Intact males producing more than the neutered males, males are producing more allergic secretions, kittens produce less allergens than the adults and dark cats have tendency to produce more compared to light coloured ones are just some of the factors that causes the amount of allergens to increase in cats.


Although there is no cat breed that’s truly hypoallergenic, there are actually a number of breeds that are producing fewer allergens. This list should not be the sole thing you need to take into consideration when doing research on which cat breed to get but, make it a point that you have considered the characteristic of each breed to figure out the one that suits best for your household. To read more about the types of hypoallergenic cats, you may visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/10/amazing-acrocats-cat-circus_n_7040256.html.


The 3 of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds have actually came from the oriental lines or the Balinese, the Javanese and the Oriental Shorthair. This gives a number of options for the cat lovers who wish to have a low allergen cat with characteristics that are popular to Siamese.


Number 1. Balinese – this breed of cat is often referred as “longhaired Siamese”. The Balinese look pretty much like the unlikely candidate for being a hypoallergenic cat but whether you believe it or not, this is one of the very few cat breeds that are producing less Fel D1 protein. As a result, it causes fewer allergic reactions to allergy sufferers.


Number 2. Oriental Shorthair – these types of cats are hypoallergenic yes but it’s a great habit to practice grooming them on a regular basis in order to the amount of dander to the very minimum.


Number 3. Javanese – much like the Balinese cats, Javanese have medium long single coat. They normally have less fur, translating to fewer allergens due to its lack of undercoat.


If you love to own a cat and it happens that you are somewhat allergic to them, then these hypoallergenic cat breeds can be the solution for it. Read more about ragdoll cat for sale from our main site.


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