Facts About Hypoallergenic Cats



You should know that it’s thanks to the existence of hypoallergenic cats that every came to enjoy having their own feline friend. Although not many people believe it, having a cat as your everyday companion is something that would ensure your healthy and lengthy life. Of course, there are people who are allergic to certain animals such as cats. But this is only true before the latest discovery of the hypoallergenic cat breeds which makes it possible to have their own feline friend.


Why is the hypoallergenic cat breeds for everyone?


Even today, many people still can’t believe that there’s a breed of ragdoll cats hypoallergenic that they can have without worrying about the allergy that they might experience for having one as their pet. Having an allergy to something is not a laughing matter which is why even though you want to have a cat badly, you should consider if you’ll be healthy with it around you all the time. However, with the discovery of the hypoallergenic cats, cat lovers will now have to worry less about getting an allergy from having a cat as their pet.


You should also know that the primary source of allergen that cats cause to humans is from the cat’s saliva which contains Fel D1. While their saliva is the primary source of the allergen, you should also know that getting licked by them is not something that would actually trigger any allergic reaction. A lot of people would admit that a cat grooming itself with its tongue looks cute and adorable, but it is also due to this process that the allergen from their saliva is spread throughout their whole body and that’s something that you don’t want to be near with if you have allergy.


Another thing that makes this a significant concern is that the allergen on the cat’s fur eventually dries out and turns into vapor which can be inhaled by humans. Inhaling such allergen or having it on parts of your eyes could cause serious allergic reactions over time. With the hypoallergenic cats, you won’t have to worry about inhaling or having the allergen on your skin since such cats from this kind of breed is known to produce significantly less amount of the allergen found in their saliva. For further details regarding hypoallergenic cats, you can go to http://www.britannica.com/animal/feline.


If you want your own hypoallergenic cat, be sure to check the online web for a list of possible cats that you can have and also to make sure that you choose the one that you like most.


Each kind of this cat breed has its own perks so choose wisely for the one that would suit you best.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind if you’re going to take a cat home is to make sure that you like it and it’s okay being around with you. Doing this will also assure you that the cat can’t give you allergy troubles once you take it home. Read on for more pet games.


Types Of Hypoallergenic Cats



Low allergen cats or better known as hypoallergenic cats are producing fewer amount of allergens in comparison to regular cats. And bear in mind that “fewer” is the word used here. Hypoallergenic isn’t synonymous in non allergenic and there is no breed of cat that is totally free of allergy.


Actually, the type of allergen present in the cat’s saliva is called protein Fel D1, which causes the issues of allergy to the sufferers. As soon as the cat licks its coat, the allergy laden spit dries and will then be airborne, which seeks warm home in the sinus. Some of the cat breeds on the other hand are producing less amount of proteins compared to others, which makes them hypoallergenic. There are more dog puzzle toys from our main site.


Intact males producing more than the neutered males, males are producing more allergic secretions, kittens produce less allergens than the adults and dark cats have tendency to produce more compared to light coloured ones are just some of the factors that causes the amount of allergens to increase in cats.


Although there is no cat breed that’s truly hypoallergenic, there are actually a number of breeds that are producing fewer allergens. This list should not be the sole thing you need to take into consideration when doing research on which cat breed to get but, make it a point that you have considered the characteristic of each breed to figure out the one that suits best for your household. To read more about the types of hypoallergenic cats, you may visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/10/amazing-acrocats-cat-circus_n_7040256.html.


The 3 of the best hypoallergenic cat breeds have actually came from the oriental lines or the Balinese, the Javanese and the Oriental Shorthair. This gives a number of options for the cat lovers who wish to have a low allergen cat with characteristics that are popular to Siamese.


Number 1. Balinese – this breed of cat is often referred as “longhaired Siamese”. The Balinese look pretty much like the unlikely candidate for being a hypoallergenic cat but whether you believe it or not, this is one of the very few cat breeds that are producing less Fel D1 protein. As a result, it causes fewer allergic reactions to allergy sufferers.


Number 2. Oriental Shorthair – these types of cats are hypoallergenic yes but it’s a great habit to practice grooming them on a regular basis in order to the amount of dander to the very minimum.


Number 3. Javanese – much like the Balinese cats, Javanese have medium long single coat. They normally have less fur, translating to fewer allergens due to its lack of undercoat.


If you love to own a cat and it happens that you are somewhat allergic to them, then these hypoallergenic cat breeds can be the solution for it. Read more about ragdoll cat for sale from our main site.

Petting Hypoallergenic Cats



You will see that there are actually cats that are causing less allergy to humans, and that these group of cats are actually called as hypoallergenic cats and that is why it is such a good group of cat to have. There are actually cats that are great to be placed at homes as these cats are actually those that will cause the less amount of allergies, and that is why it is essential great to have them around. We all know for a fact that those cat furs are the culprit as to why there are people that are actually allergic to cats, and for that a certain cat breed is actually having no fur at all, and they are called as sphynx which is great for those cat lovers out there yet are allergic to cats. There are cats that are actually causing less allergic reaction and that is why it is best that you will be able to have the siberian cats as these are those that are actually with less of such a protein.


Are siamese cats hypoallergenic? There are actually allergens of proteins that are present in the cats saliva, and that these proteins are those that will primarily cause the allergy for humans. You will see that most cats are actually with the protein that will cause some allergic tendencies and that is why it is best that you are going to be understanding as to such a kind of protein that is present around. Such a protein when it comes in contact with humans that are totally allergic to such will be able to produce an asthmatic response or even one that is allergic in nature.


When you wish that you will be able to have a cat and still be able to feel free of the allergic or asthmatic response, then having a hypoallergenic cats is the best option that you can ever do. Thus, you can still take the necessary precaution so that you will be away from the allergic response, and that you can frequently clean your house surface, or you can use HEPA filters, or even have a hypoallergenic cats with you at home. You can also learn more on how to pet a hypoallergenic cat by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQZk1SUiDuQ.


It is surely essential for you to be able to really have the chance to not develop problems with reference to the cat that you have, and that it is essential that you will have a hypoallergenic cats that will ensure that you will be happy with the cat breed that you are having with you. Those cats that are not having any hair are the best ones that will ensure that you will be free from any symptoms of allergies that you will be able to have when you have a ragdoll cat with you.

The Facts on Hypoallergenic Cats



There is actually a lot of people out there wondering whether or not hypoallergenic cats are actually real. Hypoallergenic cats do not actually exist. However, there are still a wide range of different kinds of cats out there that are better with allergies than other types of cats and these cats can be considered to be hypoallergenic because they are not as difficult when it comes down to different kinds of allergies, however they can still cause them to people who are more sensitive.


Also this may sound like something straight out of science fiction there is actually a company out there that attempting to generically modify a cat in order to create the very first hypoallergenic cat. The problem with these kinds of hypoallergenic cats is the fact that they will be extremely expensive and it will be caught away until they will be cheap enough for the average person to be able to afford, so most of us will have to stick to finding a cat that is sort of hypoallergenic.


There is many different types of aspects that you will need to take into mind when it comes down to finding a cat that will not affect your allergies and there are some better cats than others when it comes down to allergies but there are also some other methods that you can use to keep your cat from triggering your allergies.


  1. The very first thing that you will have to do is find a cat that is mostly hypoallergenic. Most people with allergies will not have to worry with these types of cats as they are actually mostly hypoallergenic by nature but mostly does not mean completely so it is still possible to have your allergies triggered. For more facts and information about hypoallergenic cats, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/pets/cats/training-cats/.


  1. If you want to prevent allergies then it is important that you are able to give your cat that you got from the best ragdoll cat breeders a good bath. Many cats simply hate water so if you want to give your cat a good bath then you will have to be careful and you will need to know what you are doing. Actually, water is the cat’s bane. The problem with cats is the fact that they actually do not mind running and playing around in the rain but when it comes down to a body water then it might as well be a body of lava to them because there is no way they are going to get into that water.


But with some care you can actually get a cat use to bath time and you can even get them to learn how to love getting a bath as well. And that is the basics on cats and how to keep them hypoallergenic if you are suffering from cat allergies but you still love cats. Read more cat games online.

All About Hypoallergenic Cats



For those who don’t know what a hypoallergenic cat is, these types of cats that are less likely to have allergic reactions in humans. And even though there have been several debates ongoing with regards to the existence of hypoallergenic cats, there can be no debate on the fact that some of the breeds cause more reactions to humans than others.


Hairless cats similar to Sphynx definitely cause a bit of allergic reactions to humans. In addition to that, it is believed widely that the Siberian hypoallergenic cats for adoption are producing less allergy causing protein. And according to medical research, there are 5 cat allergens known to man and these consist of 2 biggest isuses for humans, cat IgA, Fel d 1, Fel d 2, Fel d 3 and Fel d 4.


When talking about Fel d 1, this is actually a type of protein in cats produced by their saliva. It is the main cause of allergies of a number of people who suffer when getting in contact with felines. The function of such protein is still unknown but when getting in contact to humans, it is possible to cause either asthmatic or allergic response.


When the female cats are castrated to male cats, they are also likely to produce low level of Fel d 1. This as a result led to assumption that Fel d 1 is regulated hormonally by the testosterone. The protein is clinging to several surface in the house and is quite sticky too. There are several measures that you could take in reducing the amount of it such as by using HEPA filters, washing the cats themselves or even frequent washing of clothes. If you want to learn more about hypoallergenic cats, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_Forest_cat.


If you want to avoid the symptoms that are associated in cats, then it is strongly recommended that you opt for cats that have no or even little hair. The most popular and the most well known breed of hairless cat is the Sphynx, which can be identified easily. These cats are so appealing to many pet owners due to their unique looks and not only that, they are very intelligent animals as well.


Siberian is believed to be the most hypoallergenic cat available out of the different varieties of cats that have hair. This specific breed has been in existence in Russia for several years and undergoes tests to produce lower level of allergy causing protein, which is the Fel d 1 compared to any other breeds. While the female cats are producing lower allergen levels, the female Siberian cats are likely to be a good option for those who like to have cats but want to avoid allergies. Read some free cat games from our website.